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Aluminum profiles are the backbone of the automation world. With its slots, the construction system allows the creation of load-bearing frames, work benches, production islands, conveyor belts, handling systems, assembly systems, accident prevention protections, both on the machine and perimeter, soundproofing cabins.
The accessories dedicated to the profiles solve situations with speed of execution, aesthetics, resistance, ease of use, possibility of modifications during construction, without the need for maintenance. The aluminum profile, or extruded profile, or structural profile, has supplanted the iron carpentry where the mechanical characteristics allow it. Aluminum profile carpentry reigns when it is necessary to quickly build an accident protection or a work station, and the little manpower required abundantly compensates for the higher cost of the aluminum material. The manufacturer of automatic machines, those who build systems, like modular profiles, aluminum extrusions, because they offer fast construction solutions within everyone's reach.
Today even interior architecture and hi-tech construction offer spaces for modular profiles, they invent applications that are not strictly related to industry: exhibition stands, gazebos and tables are shown in the magazines of sectors that have nothing in common with automation or mechanical carpentry.
ALUMINUM FOR BUILDING: the definition of the system indicates the versatility thanks to which the structural profiles can be used in the most diverse situations.
The construction of a frame for automation and the protection for the operator require very short times; creating a transport system with extruded profiles is fast and allows modifications even when the structure is assembled.
The system is infinitely expandable and is maintenance free. The lightness of aluminum facilitates installations and reduces transport costs.
Where "the object must like", where there must be no maintenance, where speed of execution is required, extruded aluminum profiles are a must.